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About Bollywood Park Dubai

For all Bollywood fanatics, Dubai's Bollywood theme park is the place to be. When you visit Dubai, take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to enjoy the colorful cinema, dance numbers and other live shows at the park with your friends and family. It brilliantly captures Bollywood’s amazing energy as well as the celebrities that give it life. You will be charmed by the vivid and bright ambiance of the location while dancing to the perky bollywood tunes. This Dubai Parks and resort in Dubai is a one of a kind concept, with 4D theatrical experiences and spectacular Bollywood acts transporting you back to the golden era of Bollywood as well as keeping in touch with the more modern times.

Bollywood Boulevard, Mumbai Chowk, Rustic Ravine, Royal Plaza, and Bollywood Film Studios are the five sections of the Park themed after famous Hindi films, each with live events and cuisine. All five zones provide different experiences for Bollywood fans and contribute to a well rounded Bollywood experience along with thrilling rides that pump off adrenaline rush. You will see the best of both the classic black and white period of filmmaking as well as contemporary trippy films.

Buying Bollywood Park Ticket Online

Purchasing Bollywood Park Tickets online is the most convenient and hassle-free method to travel and have an unforgettable time. You may escape the crowds and long lines at the ticket counter by getting your Bollywood theme park tickets online, which not only allows you to pre-order but also gives amazing savings, making your vacation as cost-effective as possible.

Top Rides at Bollywood Parks Dubai

Bollywood theme park Dubai not only brings you the wonderful shows and performances dedicated to the centuries of cinema, but it also brings you some thrilling rides which will have you screaming in delight. These rides are also inspired from the epic Bollywood films, just like everything else in the park.

Tanga No. 13

Tanga No 13 takes the little adrenaline seekers on a delightful carriage ride in this Bollywood theme park. The enjoyable attraction, however, is unique in that it will spin the youngsters and their families in a joyful rotational movement that provides an entertaining ‘wave effect’ ensuring fun for all its riders.

Monsoon Masti

Indulge in some wet fun at the Monsoon Masti which involves an interactive water cannon combat combined with a fun revolving basket ride. Spray water on your friends and family with a giant water pistol while you spin and whirl and laugh your heart out. Carry another set of clothes as this will leave you soaking wet.

holay: the Hunt for Gabbar Singh

Fight your childhood villain, the terrifying Gabbar Singh, and his goons in this ultimate fight. In this 3D attraction of the Dubai parks and resorts bollywood park, shoot with the help of your laser guns and defeat the dacoits together as a team. Complete for the highest score and get rewarded with mangoes!

Lagaan: the Thrill of Victory

Go back to the past and play the most intense game of cricket against the Britishers and lead your nation to victory! The motion simulator based ride will take you to Bhuvan who will teach you all the basics of the game if you are a beginner and help you score the winning sixer!

Taxi No.1

In this fun roller coaster ride, go on an adventure in the nooks of Mumbai, the city of dreams. The theme of Taxi No.1 is inspired by the distinctive taxi stands of Mumbai, hence the name of this brilliant ride. Prepare to scream out your lungs in this high speed ride and let the child in you come out!

The Abra Ka Dabra

Float around the Dubai parks and resorts bollywood park in the magical Abra ka Dabra. Hold tight as this high speed ride will have you screaming in delight with its twists and turns. This is the perfect ride for the little adventure seekers who are more excited for the big boy rides.

Zones & Attractions at Bollywood Parks Dubai

The Bollywood Park is divided into five areas, each with live events and cuisine and based after popular Hindi films. For Bollywood enthusiasts, each of the five zones offers a unique experience that contributes to a well rounded Bollywood experience. Whether you are a fan of the golden era of cinema or the modern day trippy ones, you are guaranteed a wonderful time.

Bollywood Boulevard

In this theme park, Bollywood Boulevard is the epicenter of Bollywood mayhem. This area is bursting with Bollywood culture, with live music, vibrant colors, and beautiful eateries. The Crossroads stage will transport you back to the golden era of Bollywood with incredible performances.

Mumbai Chowk

Explore the riches of the city of Bombay in Dubai, the city of dreams and the hubspot of the film industry. Join the real Don in an exhilarating 3D tunnel adventure. Go on a train ride, see the live performances on the train top and experience the romance in the Mumbai Express.

Royal Plaza

Royal Plaza, also known as Rajmahal Theater is located at the center of Bollywood Park Dubai. Indulge in a wide range of iconic Bollywood productions, including the first Broadway style Bollywood musical named Jaan-e-Jigar.

Rustic Ravine

When you visit the Bollywood theme park Dubai's Rustic Ravine, you may experience the rustic beauty of the magical realm of rural India. The motion simulator journey will transport you to Bhuvan, who will teach you the fundamentals of the game and assist you in scoring the winning sixer if you are a rookie, just like in the movie Lagaan.

Bollywood Film Studios

Experience the splendor of Indian cinema in a multi sensory 4D experience in the Bollywood Film Studios. Watch all of your favorite Bollywood movie stars in unique theaters that elevate your movie watching experience to new heights.

Mela Junction

The Hindi term ‘mela’ means fair or carnival, which is precisely what this zone holds. Various thrilling amusement rides entertain the guests and a superb diner, Namaste India, provides delectable Indian food in this brightly coloured zone.

Why You Should Visit Bollywood Parks in Dubai

  • Enjoy live events at the famous Bollywood Boulevard, Mumbai Chowk, Rustic Ravine, Royal Plaza, and Bollywood Film Studios of the Park themed after famous Hindi films.
  • Bollywood Park Dubai offers some of the best experiences and thrilling rides for your entire family to enjoy which includes Bollywood Skyflyer, Wheel of Stars, Crossroads, Rangmanch, Rajmahal Theater, Ra. One Unleashed, Krish Flight Hero and so much more.
  • Experience delectable Indian cuisine offered by top rated restaurants here in the premises of the park.
  • Watch live shows with world class lighting and acoustics performed by talented artists.
  • Immerse in another worldly experience at the 4D theaters which enables your favorite celebrities and characters to entertain you in a whole new way.

Tips of Bollywood Park

  • Don’t carry any kind of sharp objects, lighters, baggage, liquor, knives and other dangerous items.
  • Plan ahead and have some extra time in your hands for stage performances.
  • Make sure to wear walking shoes, ideally sneakers as you will have to do a lot of walking.

Bollywood Park Dubai FAQ's

What is there to do in Bollywood Park Dubai?

Bollywood Parks Dubai is the place to go to if you love Bollywood cinemas and want to try something extraordinary. Over the course of 5 distinct zones of the Bollywood theme park Dubai, you will find it all, from romantic to dramatic cinemas, combat to adventurous rides, live musical performances, Indian handmade goods to restaurants serving delectable Indian cuisine.

How many rides are there in Bollywood parks?

In the 5 distinct zones of the Bollywood Dubai Park, you will find approximately 28 fun and engaging rides which will give you and your family some of the best experiences of your life. The rides are all themed after the Bollywood movies and will take you into the exciting world of Hindi cinema industry.

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What is the best time to visit Bollywood parks in Dubai?

Despite the fact that it is open all year, it is advised that you visit between September and March to get the most out of your visit and experience the best rides at Bollywood theme park Dubai. From September through March, the weather is favorable, allowing you to take advantage of all the attractions. Waiting lines will be shorter because there will be less people than usual.

How to reach Bollywood park Dubai?

By Metro:If you wish to go by metro, take the Red Line Bus from Airport Terminal 3. Then rent a private can from Jebel Ali to get to this Bollywood theme park.

By Road:There are also buses which run to and from Downtown Dubai. After reaching, you could then rent a cab to Bollywood park Dubai. You could also directly hire a cab to Bollywood park Dubai but it is going to cost you a little more than the public transportation.


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