Legoland Waterpark Dubai Tickets

About Legoland Waterpark Dubai

Legoland Waterpark in Dubai is the first water park in the UAE, constructed specifically for children aged 2 to 12 and their families. Situated in Dubai Parks and Resorts, this waterpark lets you slide into a world of enjoyment. Take on the Joker Soaker, build your own Lego raft, go on a splash safari, or slip and slide down to any Legoland Waterpark ride in Dubai for a day of fun and excitement at this one-of-a-kind Water Park.

One of Dubai's top waterparks, it's a tremendous hit with both the young and the young at heart, with more than 20 thrilling rides, slides, and activities. It features rides like Twin Chasers, where you may compete against your siblings or friends. Duplo Splash Safari will appeal to toddlers, while TwistNSpin and Red Rush will fulfill older children's thirst for adventure.

Build-A-Watercraft allows kids to put their creative skills to the test by allowing them to construct any form of boat they can imagine using huge, squishy Lego pieces. They can put it to the test against the stream and enjoy a pleasant cruise down the lazy river.

To make your water adventure even more memorable, book a stay at the Legoland Hotel and turn your trip into an immersive Lego-themed vacation. Plan a fun family vacation to Legoland Waterpark in Dubai and add a spice of adventure, exhilaration, and imagination to your water park experience.

Buying Legoland Waterpark Dubai Ticket Online

LEGOLAND Water Park in Dubai admission tickets are available both online and at the ticket counter, providing you with immediate access to the water park's rides and attractions. When you book online, you won't have to wait in long lines as you can book from any location and at any time. When buying tickets online, you can choose from a variety of offers and packages. You can buy individual waterpark tickets or combo Legoland Dubai tickets, which allow you to visit both exciting parks on the same day. Book these tickets with us online to save money, time, and hassles while taking advantage of fantastic deals, discounts, and promotions.

Legoland Waterpark Tickets Options

Legoland Waterpark Dubai 1 Day Pass

Beat the heat and have unlimited fun with these one-day Legoland Waterpark Dubai passes. These passes give you unlimited access to all 20 waterparks’ LEGO-themed water rides and entertainment with these tickets. Allow your toddlers to have their ME time at the DUPLO Splash Safari's fun-filled mini slides. Let older kids have fun at rides such as Slide Racers, Red Rush, Twin Chasers, and Splash out, Splash out, or urge them to participate in fascinating attractions like the Build-A-Raft River. By presenting their IDs, children under the age of three can enter for free. For children above the age of three, ticket costs are the same. However, you get a discount when you purchase these one-day passes at least one day in advance online.

Theme Park & Water Park Dubai 1 Day Pass

You can upgrade your Legoland Waterpark in Dubai passes to include admission to the LEGOLAND theme park for even more LEGO fun. Enjoy a day of LEGO action not just at LEGOLAND Water Park, but also at the Legoland theme park. At the Legoland Theme Park, experience the rush of adrenaline with a variety of thrilling rides, slides, and roller coasters, then cool off with your kids up to 12 years old at the Legoland Waterpark and gather some priceless memories. You'll save money and time with these combo passes because you'll have direct admission to both parks as well as unrestricted access to all rides and attractions. These tickets are ideal for a fun-filled day with the kids.

Motiongate, Bollywood, And Legoland Tickets

Visit Dubai's thrilling parks for a day of fantastic adventures for both kids and adults with this combo passes, which provide limitless fun at any two of Motiongate, Bollywood, or Legoland Parks. Motongate Dubai offers exhilarating themed rides based on the finest Hollywood blockbusters. Bollywood Park Dubai incorporates immersive rides and multimedia presentations to provide you with an unforgettable encounter with Bollywood's most prominent personalities. Visit LEGOLAND® Dubai and LEGOLAND® Water Park to discover a world where the LEGO® brick comes to life. You can plan to visit Dubai Parks and Resorts & enjoy all of the rides, attractions, and zones in any two parks.

Gardaland Park + LEGOLAND® Water Park Tickets

Book these combo passes to have fun with your family at two of Dubai's most entertaining theme parks. With these passes, you get two admissions to Gardaland Park and access to all of its rides, which offer a unique combination of adventure, exhilaration, dream, and fancy. You will also receive a one-time entrance to Legoland Water Park to beat the heat and spend quality time with children aged 3 to 12. You have two options: two admissions to Gardaland Park and full-day admission to Legoland Water Park, or after 3 pm admission to Legoland Water Park. So, purchase the passes that appeal to you and have some wonderful and exhilarating experiences.

Why should you go to Legoland Waterpark?

Legoland Waterpark in Dubai is the region's first water park dedicated solely to LEGO. It has over 20 unique attractions, rides, and slides that are big draws for families with children aged 2 to 12. Kids can have fun at various slides while elders watch them enjoying me time and even help them build their own raft out of Lego bricks and cruise down the lazy river. Splash out, Slide Racers, Red Rush, and Twin Chasers are just a few of the adrenaline-pumping experiences ideal for older children, while toddlers may enjoy the exciting little slides at DUPLO Splash Safari. It's an excellent place to spend quality time with your children while participating in some exciting water adventures.

Rides and Attractions of Legoland Waterpark Dubai


Families can build their own unique boats out of LEGO bricks and sail them against the current in the outdoor construction area. You can compete with others and put your imagination to the test to prove that your boat is the greatest. Children under 13 years ( specifically under 3 ) must be supervised by an adult.

Build-A-Raft River

A one-of-a-kind Legoland Waterpark ride in Dubai where kids and adults can imagine, design, build and personalize their own raft out of huge soft LEGO bricks. Set sail after creating a unique lego masterpiece raft and enjoy a leisurely cruise down the lazy river. Children under the age of six must be accompanied by an adult and must utilize flotation devices provided by the park.

DUPLO® Splash Safari

This ride allows small guests to have some fun while splashing around. The four "toddler-sized" slides are adorned with LEGO® DUPLO® characters and water effects that toddlers love. The minimum rider height for this Legoland Waterpark ride in Dubai is 91cm for the body and ramp slide.

Joker Soaker

A fascinating and engaging water playground with various slides suitable for all members of the family. Glide in the large pool or take in a heavy downpour from a 300-gallon tank that will drench anyone who gets in its way. Both you and your children will have a good time here. Only one rider may enter the slide at any given time.

LEGO® Slide Racers

Six mat slides are situated side by side on this spectacular wet and wild adventure. You can compete against your buddies and have a good time. This ride requires a minimum rider height of 107cm, a maximum rider weight of 136kg, and only one rider in each lane at one time.

LEGO® Wave Pool

The DUPLO® Wave Pool is a designated shallow area with engaging interactive features designed specifically for children. You can simply cool off with your kids or catch a gentle wave in this ideally-sized wave pool. The Wave Pool does not allow the use of flotation devices other than those issued by the park. Also, toddlers entering the water should wear only water-resistant diapers.

Red Rush

In this Legoland Waterpark ride in Dubai, a family-sized raft transports the entire family down a 312-foot-long curved track on an 11-foot-diameter half pipe. A minimum rider height of 107cm is required for this trip, with a maximum operational load of 454kg. A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 riders are permitted per raft.

Splash ‘N’ Swirl

You can twirl in a tube alone or with a friend and splash down into a pool of water. When you splash down in the pool at a high speed, you'll get a rush of adrenaline. The slide requires a minimum rider height of 122cm, a maximum weight of 136kg for an individual rider, and a combined maximum weight of 181kg for two people.

Twist ‘N’ Spin

Enjoy endless twists and turns while sliding down solo or with a friend on a double tube for some ultimate pleasure. The minimum rider height necessary for this slide is 107cm, the maximum weight for an individual rider is 136kg, and the maximum combined weight for two people is 181kg.

Splash Out

Rush down an open body slide's 60-foot drop and splash out at a speed into the water pool below. Only one rider is allowed on the slide at a time for the safety of the riders. A minimum rider height of 102cm and a maximum rider weight of 136kg are also required for this Legoland Waterpark ride in Dubai.

Tidal Tube

You need to be brave-hearted to slide down this 70 meters closed tube slide. It's an incredible rush to splash down at high speeds in an open pool after completing this closed ride. The minimum rider height is 102cm, and the maximum rider weight is 136kg. At any given time, only one rider is allowed on the slide.

Twin Chasers

This twin body slide allows two riders to compete while shooting into a wading area below. Start the ride with your friend at the same time and see who gets to the bottom first. Riders must be at least 102cm tall and weigh a maximum of 136kg. At any given time, only one rider may enter the slide.

Wave Rider

This is a 240-foot open body slide that allows you to speed down into the water pool below and have a great time. For this ride, riders must be at least 102cm tall and weigh a maximum of 136kg. Only one rider is allowed to access the slide at a time for personal safety.

Know Before You Book Legoland waterpark Dubai Tickets

Timing and Best Time to Visit
Other Essentials
  • Enjoy some fun-filled family time at Legoland Waterpark in Dubai, the region's first water park solely themed around LEGO®.
  • Indulge in 20 interactive attractions, slides, and coasters, all specifically designed for families of kids aged 2 to 12 years old.
  • Experience hair-raising adventures and fun with Splash out and Red Rush and get drenched on the mighty Joker Soaker.
  • Help your tiny tots have the best of DUPLO Splash Safari through its fun-filled mini slides.
  • Create your own raft using the colorful LEGO bricks and have a leisurely sail along the Lazy River.
  • Build a Lego boat and test it against the current to bring your imagination to life.
  • Compete against your friend at Twin Chasers or Splash Racers to put your skills to the test.
  • Admission into LEGOLAND Water Park
  • Access to all attractions at the park
  • Unlimited access to the water rides and slides
  • Free parking at Dubai Parks and Resorts
  • If you are coming with kids under 3 they can enter free with a paying adult

Timings:- Thursday to Tuesday: 11:00 am to 9:00 pm- Wednesdays: Closed

Best Time to Visit: Weekday early mornings are the best time to visit Legoland Waterpark in Dubai to avoid the crowds and have plenty of time to enjoy all of the attractions and activities. The summer months, from May to September, are perfect for visiting the water park to escape the heat, though you may encounter larger crowds owing to the holidays. Ramadan is also an excellent time to visit this waterpark because you may grab some special discounts.

1. Things to Keep in Mind: To enter the water, you must wear swimwear.Swimwear with metal embellishments is prohibited.Adults are only permitted to enter the park with children aged 2 to 12.Height and weight restrictions imply, so check before entering the ride.

2. Location:Sheik Zayed Road, Dubai

3. How to Reach:By Metro: Take the Red Line to Jebel Ali and exit at the Ibn Battuta Metro Station. From the train station, take a cab or bus; it will take five to ten minutes to get to Dubai Parks and Resorts.By Bus: From the Ibn Battuta Metro Station, take the RTA Bus - DPR1 to Dubai Parks and Resorts. The park can be reached on foot from the bus stop.By Car/Taxi: You can either drive yourself or hail a cab to Bollywood Parks Dubai. From downtown Dubai, it takes about forty minutes to reach there. After passing Dubai Marina, turn south on Sheik Zayed Road, Dubai Parks and Resorts will be on your left.

FAQ Related To Legoland Waterpark in Dubai Tickets

How many slides are in LEGOLAND Water Park?

There are 20 slides, coasters, and attractions in Legoland Waterpark in Dubai. Some are suitable for toddlers, some for younger kids, and some for families.

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How much does it cost to go to a Legoland water park in Dubai?

The cost of a ticket to Dubai's Legoland Waterpark is between AED 295 to AED 330, you might get offers and discounts if booked online.

What are things to keep in mind when visiting Legoland waterpark Dubai?

  • Wear appropriate swimwear to enter the water.
  • Swimwear with buckles, zippers, rivets or other metal embellishment is prohibited.
  • Check the height and weight restrictions before entering any Legoland Waterpark ride in Dubai.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Adults can enter only with a kid of 2 to 12 years old.

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Which theme parks are nearby to Legoland Dubai Waterpark?

Nearby theme parks of Legoland Waterpark are Motiongate Dubai,Bollywood Park & Riverland Dubai.

What are the opening hours of Legoland waterpark in Dubai?

Legoland Waterpark in Dubai is open from Thursday to Monday from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. It is closed on Wednesdays.

Why is Legoland waterpark so famous?

The Legoland Waterpark in Dubai is famous for being a great place to beat the summer heat while having some family fun. It is Dubai's only Lego-themed waterpark, catering to families with children aged 2 to 12. It has over 20 LEGO-themed water slides and attractions where families can put their skills to the test, express their creativity, experience some extreme thrills, and spend time with the kids.


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