Legoland Dubai

About Legoland Dubai

The picturesque Legolandpark Dubai is one of the best attractions in the city and should be on your bucket list. The park features wonderful rides, attractions, and a waterpark all created out of lego blocks in inventive forms and shapes, which will remind you of your childhood.Legoland Theme Park Dubai has over 40 rides, ranging from easy to extremely challenging levels for your friends and family. This theme park is divided into two outstanding parks called Legoland Theme Park and Legoland Water Park, which is a perfect escape from your hectic vacation schedule.

This extraordinary theme park has over 6 unique and interactive zones that will keep you busy for an eternity. These zones are LEGO City, Imagination, Adventure, Kingdoms, Miniland, & Factory. The splendid lego city is filled with flying cars, while the imaginative zone will take you on an adrenaline pumping roller coaster ride like no other. The unimaginable fun adventure zone will surprise you with its exhilarating rides like wave racers, kingdom adventure, submarine adventure and more.

Buying Legoland Dubai Ticket Online

Buying Legoland Dubai Ticket Online will give you a chance to skip the long queues at the attraction and you can make a direct entry with your loved ones to begin the exploration. This is considered to be one of the most convenient ways to travel as it is hassle free. Booking tickets online prior to your visit also gives you a chance to get loads of discounts which in turn would make your trip budget friendly.

Top Rides at Legoland Dubai

Legoland Park Dubai is one of the most enthralling attractions that you can visit in your Dubai excursion. Divided into six extraordinary zones, this attraction promises you a fun and exhilarating time with your friends and family.The most exciting Legoland water park features excellent body slides, turbulence rides, and tunnel rides, as well as wave and lazy pools fashioned of Lego bricks that are a lot of fun.

The lego city, imagination, adventure, miniland and factory are other exciting zones that will keep you busy for an entire day. Challenge yourself to a thrilling roller coaster ride, and experience the most realistic cinematic movies at the 4D rides of imagination zone.

The Dragon

Rated as one of the most exciting and thrilling roller coaster rides across the globe, the Dragon at Legoland Theme Park Dubai will have you screaming your lungs out. This exquisite ride, will begin from a humongous indoor base station, with a splendid show highlighting the story of the dragon and the kingdom.

As the ride increases its speed, you will be taken through rapid bumps, slopes, 360 degree spins and more challenging path courses that are definitely not made for the faint hearted. The outdoor track of this fun ride looks extremely exhilarating and the cart reaches up to a speed of 60kmph, which poses as a perfect challenge for all adrenaline junkies.

DUPLO Express

Perfect for your toddlers on a vacation, the DUPLO express is an enthralling train ride that will take your young kids on a trip of imagination and creativity. This fun and extraordinary train ride is located in the imagination zone, and begins at around 8am. The ride has a long train cart with different compartments that will take you kids on a splendid tour of the entire park.

Witness the farm creatures made up of lego bricks and also let your kids marvel at the beauty of this majestic theme park on the ride. DUPLO express is a fun and relaxing way to enjoy a train ride after a day of trying out the thrilling roller coasters.

Kid Power Towers

A miniature version of the humongous free fall experience, the splendid and super fun looking kid power tower will allow your kids to have a great gravity pulling ride. While strapped onto a chair, kids are required to pull themselves up until a certain point, post which the exquisite free falling experience to the base will leave them screaming their lungs out. This ride is one of the fanciest attractions in LegolandDubai theme park and is a great way to test your child’s strength and power. Wheelchairs can also be accessed in this ride.

Beetle Bounce

As the name suggests, the gripping and thrilling beetle bounce allows your toddlers and kids to experience the fun of bouncing at a height of 15 feet above the ground. The round begins at the base station, where a slow lift will take you above 15 feet followed by a rapid fall and bouncing excursion. As fun as the ride seems, this experience will have your kids coming back for more. Riders with heart disease are strictly prohibited to indulge in the ride. Prepare for a thrilling bouncing adventure at one of Legoland's most popular attractions.

Lego Technic Twister

A lot better and innovative than the traditional cup twister rides, the lego technic twisters promises you an even more gripping and fantastic experience with added rapid bumps and bounces. Perfect for a family, the cup accommodates up to 4 persons, and begins at an extremely slow pace. The cart has a wheel in the center, by the help of which the rider can control the speed of twists and turns. Twist the wheel and spin across the entire platform bumping across other riders and challenging them for a fun and rejuvenating time. The Lego technic twister is located in the imaginative zone and is a definite try as well.

Sea Port

Seaport is one of the best and most innovative playgrounds around the entire Legoland theme park. During your visit, you will come across a picturesque theme of cargo ships and ship ports. As the kids climb through the stairs and explore the cargo ships and the working of the ships, parents can have a rejuvenating time watching their kids whilst relaxing in the seating spaces beside it. The entire playground will teleport you into a realistic ship port and with the ships and cargo build-up of lego bricks, kids will have a fun time putting their creativity and imagination to use here.

Zones at Legoland Dubai

Legoland Park Dubai is divided into six super fun and exhilarating zones namely: LEGO City, Imagination, Kingdoms, Adventure, Miniland, and lastly the Factory that all visitors must explore. All the six zones have super fun rides ranging from easy to moderate levels. If you have kids with you on the trip, then take them to the exciting lego city, where you can witness the world's best wonders like Burj Khalifa made entirely from lego bricks. Don't miss out on the roller coaster rides and the family rides at this theme park's imaginative center. The notorious merlin's challenge and the dragon's apprentice are located in the kingzone zone and will undoubtedly challenge your child for a fun and exciting encounter.


The lego city houses the super fun and exciting challenges like driving a car, flying an airplane and more. Explore the inside of this city and marvel at the miniature structures of Burj khalifa and a story about cartoon characters made entirely of vibrant and colorful lego blocks.


Made for the adrenaline junkies, the imagination zone of this theme park will definitely have you scream your lungs out. With extreme level roller coaster rides, taking through 360 degree spins and turns, you are sure to have a thrilling time here.Here you may also learn about Lego Mindstorm robotics and create automobiles out of lego pieces.


A fascinating kingdom with a fun roller coaster adventure makes this zone a tourist favorite. The two special highlights of this zone are the merlin’s challenge and the dragon’s apprentice, which are spectacular roller coaster rides at extreme speeds as high as 60 kmph perfect for all thrill seekers.


The adventure zone and its creative rides is a relaxing experience to indulge in. You can witness a wide range of rides and attractions here like the Wave Racers, Kingdom Adventure, Submarine Adventure, Adventure Base Camp and lastly the fabulous Discovery Center Aquarium. All of these rides will test your imagination and thinking skills and promise a super fun edutainment trip.


The miniland is a visual spectacle inside this theme park. Witness the grandiose and extremely attractive miniature version of world's most exquisite marvels like the Burj Khalifa, Taj Mahal and the twin towers made entirely with vibrant and tiny lego bricks. Take pictures with this exciting backdrop and try out some new positions!


Learn how he created his amazing theme park entirely out of Lego bricks and the Lego factory. Interact with the engineers and gain access to insider information. Visit the LEGO store on your way out and pick up some of your favorite items. Have fun interacting with the Lego characters and taking photos with them.

Legoland Dubai Waterpark

Legoland Water Park Dubai is exclusively made for all adrenaline junkies. You'll find a variety of unique water rides and attractions at this waterpark, which will make your visit even more enjoyable. There are plenty of wave pools and lazy pools at this waterpark, as well as thrilling slides and turbulent rides to test your inner adrenaline monster.

The incredibly entertaining build-a-boat experience includes intriguing tasks that will put your imagination to the test. Build a river raft and float around the lazy pool in your colossal tubes for a pleasant swimming and splashing session. The exciting DUPLO splash safari contains fantastic lego brick created cartoon figures submerged in water and a wonderful pool in the background for your children and toddlers to enjoy while on vacation.

Another thrilling pool playground is the joker soaker, which features tunnel rides and body slides that end up in the clean pool water, making your experience even more challenging and exhilarating. If you're looking for a rush, ride the exciting lego Slide Racers and feel the thrill of sliding from dizzying heights.

This theme waterpark is unique and will undoubtedly add stars to your Dubai adventure. Whether it's the breathtaking wave pool or the thrilling red rash tunnel ride, all guests are guaranteed to have a great time at this theme park.

Rides in Legoland Water Park

DUPLO Splash Safari

Perfect for your toddlers, the DUPLO Splash safari features an enthralling playground pool with exciting cartoon characters to keep your kids busy. This wave pool features moderate level slides and water sprinklers adding a unique fun element to this trip. Ride those giant pandas and elephant characters and have a splash and swim experience.

Wave Racer

Not for the faint hearted, the extremely challenging Wave Racer is a fascinating body slide that begins at an enthralling height at least 50 meters above the ground. As the instructor pushes you from the base station, the fast flowing water will take you down the slide through thrilling slopes.

Splash and Swirl

Splash and Swirl are another huge network of tunnel rides that promise you a fantastic slide down the slope into a pool of water. This tunnel ride can be enjoyed in groups of 2 and usually requires you to sit on a tube which will be pushed down from the instructor at the base.

Wave Rider

For all jet ski enthusiasts, the Wave Rider is a fun and extremely safe jet ski simulation that is perfect for all young participants. You are required to stand throughout the ride and dodge the huge waves and splashes of water as your ride commences.

Red Rush

The Red Rush is the largest slide in this Legoland Theme Waterpark. This 312 for long track, has fast flowing water, which will push the tube down the slide and through twists and turns directly into the pool of water below you. This tube can accommodate your family of four and is the perfect way to engage in some thrilling activities.

Tidal Tube

Extending upto a length of 70 meters, the immensely amazing and thrilling tidal tube is not for the faint hearted. As thrilling as the long green tube seems, the ride down the dark tunnel will have you scream your lungs out. Challenge your pals to a thrilling slide down the tunnel into the massive water pool.

Tips For Visiting Legoland Dubai

  • Bring identification proof, passports and visas during their stay.
  • Don't bring any sharp objects, outside food, alcoholic beverages and valuable essentials to the pool. You can make use of the locker faculty.
  • Wear lighter clothing to escape the humidity of Dubai. Visitors are required to wear only rayon clothes inside the pool.
  • Book theme park tickets in online mode and avoid the hustle and bustle at the ticket counter.

Legoland Dubai FAQ's

What all things do we need to carry inside the Legoland Dubai?

  • Carry identification proof, visa and passports if you're visiting internationally. Tourists are required to show their ticket at the booking counter to confirm their entries.
  • Carry cameras and go-pros to record your rides.
  • Carry comfortable light clothing to escape the Dubai climate. If you are visiting the water park then it is strictly advised to wear only rayon clothing.

What should we wear to visit Legoland Dubai?

Legoland Dubai has no dress code. But if you visit during the warmer months, then it's advised to wear light cotton clothing to escape the hot and humid Dubai climate. If you visit the theme water park then wear rayon clothing inside the pool. You can also rent clothes at the waterpark.

Why is Legoland Dubai so famous?

Legoland Park Dubai is famous for being a one of its kind attraction with plenty of unique rides giving perfect challenge to all the brave hearts. This theme park features a variety of zones with a variety of beautiful rides to keep you entertained. At the waterpark, ride the exhilarating roller coaster and enjoy the thrilling tunnel rides. Miniland is another attraction at this site, where you can see miniature copies of world wonders created solely of Lego bricks.

What is the best time to visit Legoland Dubai?

The best time to visit Legoland Park Dubai is during the morning hours, as the weather will be pleasant and you’ll be able to avoid crowds. In such a way, you can explore and enjoy the park at your very own pace.

How to reach Legoland Dubai?

  • By Metro: If you are thinking to travel by metro then you can take the Red Line Bus from Airport Terminal 3. After every 10 minutes of waiting, the Red Line bus arrives. It will take 1 hour and 3 minutes to get you to Jebel Ali. You then hire a private taxi from Jebel Ali to take you to Legoland Waterpark, your ultimate destination. The commute will take approximately 23 minutes.

  • By Bus: To travel by bus, you must first go to Airport Terminal 3. Take the Red Line to Burjuman from there. After that, go to Burjuman Metro Bus Stop A to get a bus to Kanoo Group, Jebel Ali Free Zone. Hire a cab to take you to your final destination, Legoland Dubai, once you arrive.

  • By Taxi: If you have a lot of luggage or are traveling with a party of more than two individuals, it is preferable to book a taxi. Hire a direct taxi from Dubai Airport to Legoland Dubai, which is around 60 kilometers away and a 45-minute trip.


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