About Motiongate Dubai

Movie-themed Motiongate Park is Dubai's largest Hollywood-themed park, and it's packed to the gills with cutting-edge attractions based on Hollywood blockbusters. For the first time, Motiongate brings together some of Hollywood's most well-known film companies to form a unique theme park. Whether you're looking for thrilling rides with iconic characters or live shows for the whole family, Motiongate Dubai has it all!The theme park features 27 rides and attractions based on popular movies like Kung Fu Panda, The Hunger Games, Ghostbusters, and Shrek. Adults will like the majority of the Lionsgate zone rides, as well as the Zombieland rides in the Columbia Pictures zone. The Smurfs Village, the sixth zone of Motiongate Dubai, is a hit with the little ones, with identical copies of Smurf Houses and life-like sculptures of classic movie characters. The Smurfs Village Express, a thrilling roller coaster, takes kids on a tour of the entire village. Motiongate also has exhilarating motion simulators like 4D Hovercraft and Panem Ariel Tour. Theme park attractions include over 15 live performances, separate play areas, and more. Motiongate Dubai also has a river area and a section dedicated to water slides for family fun.

Buying Motiongate Dubai Ticket Online

Motiongate Park Dubai tickets can be purchased online or in person at the attraction's entrance, depending on the method of purchase. Save money and time by purchasing your tickets from a reputable digital platform that offers substantial discounts. For instance when you book through us, you'll be able to enjoy the best rides at DreamWorks Animation Park, Columbia Pictures Park, and Lionsgate Park, as well as other attractions. But make sure you have purchased the Motiongate ticket which also lets children between the age group of 0-2, enter for free. Another option is to purchase the Two Parks One Day Ticket, which allows you to select any of the two between Legoland Water Park, Motiongate, Legoland WaterTheme Park, and Bollywood Park.

Top Rides in Motiongate Dubai

Motiongate Dubai rides take you on a thrilling journey through the worlds of some of Hollywood's most beloved animated and live-action films. This is a unique opportunity for you to play a hero and save the day in your own unique cinematic experience as a guest. From escaping a horde of zombies on the back of a fire-breathing dragon to a tumultuous water expedition through a land of mystery and myth, Motiongate Dubai's 27 rides, the Middle East's largest Hollywood-inspired theme park, cover it all.

Motiongate Dubai
Madagascar Mad Pursuit

The Madagascar films serve as the inspiration for Madagascar Mad Pursuit. To avoid being caught by animal catcher Blaise DuBoir from Madagascar 3, guests board an out-of-control circus train roller coaster with steel indoors. This ride at Motiongate Park has as many as two rows of seats available for a total of eight riders per car in this .

Best For: Kids and adults

Zones: DreamWorks Pictures

The Green Hornet: High-Speed Chase

Does everyone have their masks on at Motiongate Park? As soon as you can, please help Green Hornet and Kato! Your only chance of escaping the thugs is to fight back and save the day after they've ambushed you. Fasten your seatbelts! As you will take a 65-foot Chrysler Imperial Crown on a rollercoaster through a junkyard, which is jam-packed with dangers and breath-taking leaps!

Best For: All ages

Zones:Columbia Pictures

Motiongate Dubai
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs- River Expedition

If you've been sweating it out in the Dubai heat, this is the ideal expedition for you to cool down. To reach Swallow Falls, you must board the ride because this isn't your average trip down the wharf, be prepared to get soaked. During the ride, you'll visit a unique location where food and animals mix to create a brand new species with its own ecosystem. Find out more about these strange creatures by exploring deeper into this dense jungle. In order to ride this water ride, you must be at least 105 centimetres in height.

Best For: Families

Zones: Columbia Pictures

Swamp Celebration

Get to know the green monster's family at Motiongate park Dubai which includes his parents, siblings, and grandparents. Shrek and Fiona take you on a swamp tour to celebrate their adorable triplets' unusual birthday party. Shrek's gassy swamp is waiting for you to ride the flaming mud bubbles with the Ogres!

Best For: All ages

Zones: DreamWorks Pictures

Kung Fu Panda: Unstoppable Awesomeness

The Furious Five, Po's friends, have been captured. You'll join Po as he embarks on an epic journey to save his friends from a warlord's clutches. This is a cutting-edge motion platform 4D dark simulator ride. Take a trip down a series of waterfalls and wild rivers, as you help Po in his rescue mission.

*Best For: *Children

Zones: DreamWorks Pictures

Smurf Village Express

This roller coaster is surrounded by mushroom-topped houses, making it ideal for children. It wanders aimlessly between smurf villages, farmyards, and forest towns, however do keep an eye out for Howl Birds, who are known to drop stones on Smurf homes.

Best For: Families

Zones: Smurfs Village

Motiongate Dubai Zones

There are five special zones at Motiongate Theme Park Dubai dedicated to some of the biggest Hollywood movie studios, including Dreamworks and Lionsgate. One thing that distinguishes the amusement park from others is that the rides and other attractions at this park are based on some of the best-known films from these studios, ensuring that each visitor has a memorable time.

Dreamworks Animation

In Motiongate Park Dubai, the Middle East's largest integrated theme park destination, you'll find the DreamWorks Animation Zone, where you can immerse yourself in the magical world of timelessly charming tales. This family-friendly zone features twelve rides, four live experiences, four themed restaurants, and five retail stores in total. For the first time ever, DreamWorks Animation has created a brand new ride for Motiongate, which includes 360 degree rotating ride vehicles, built in audio and massive multimedia projections. Inside of the DreamWorks Animation Zone, guests will find four themed areas based on popular animated films, including Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, Madagascar, and Shrek.

Columbia Pictures

Step into Columbia Pictures' adventurous world and hold on tight as you engage in a high-speed chase in the style of The Green Hornet. Do your part to save New York City by becoming a Ghostbuster, and fight the Lycans in the Underworld with Selene, a vampire warrior. There are seven attractions in this action-packed land, including a water ride for the whole family, roller coasters, and live shows where ghosts, zombies, and meatballs fall from the sky.


Encounter thrilling rides, trendy merchandise, delicious food options, and high-energy live performances at the Lionsgate theme park. Based on the most recent Step Up movie instalments, it recreates the fast-paced, breathtaking dance extravaganza ‘STEP UP DUBAI, ALL IN’ besides bringing to life the fast-paced, action-packed The World of Hunger Games.

Smurfs Village

Discover the magical world of the Smurfs where you meet friendly blue Smurfs lurking around every corner in this land of fairytale mushroom-topped houses. The Smurfs' village is home to five different types of immersive experiences, including interactive play areas, thrilling rides for the whole family, and a charming theatre production that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages.

Motiongate Dubai tickets
Studio Central

Begin your journey into the world of filmmaking in the Studio Central at Motiongate Park Dubai. New York City's real-life movie sets will transport you back to the golden age of Hollywood. Become a part of the magic of filmmaking and see how it is done in a real movie studio's executive offices.

Why You Should Visit Motiongate Dubai

  • Motiongate is a new entertainment district built in Dubai, which has been dubbed "Hollywood in the desert" by the locals.
  • This theme park is a must-see for all movie buffs, with a wide variety of thrilling rides, exciting live shows, and fascinating studio tours.
  • Disney's Hollywood Studios, DreamWorks Animation, The Smurfs, and Lionsgate have all had an influence on the park's four themed areas.
  • It includes attractions and 27 rides that are sure to please everyone in your family.
  • Many gift shops are available to those in need of retail therapy.
  • The theme park has seven cafes and restaurants where you can eat whatever your heart desires.

Tips to Visit Motiongate Dubai

  • Prepare for a busy day by arriving early and taking full advantage of the park's many rides and attractions.
  • Try to visit the park on a weekday, if possible. On weekdays, it's a lot less crowded!
  • To save money, purchase a multi-park ticket.
  • To avoid long lines, buy your tickets online in advance.
  • Taking a thrill ride right after a meal or a drink is never a good idea.
  • Before entering the park, make sure your phone and/or camera are fully charged.
  • Stay hydrated and keep a water bottle with you at all times.
  • Before you leave, check the weather conditions.

FAQ's of Motiongate Dubai

How much time do you need in Motiongate Dubai?

    Motiongate Dubai can easily fill a full day, but if you're short on time, you should be able to see the majority of the attractions in about four hours. You have unlimited use of the park's attractions and rides with your admission ticket.

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